Maintenance Plans

When it comes to Maintaining Your Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment...

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Maintenance Plans That We Offer:

Maintenance agreement pricing below, We offer multi-system discounts* as well as group condo rates! Call us today for more information!

(*Discounts only apply to same equipment type, serviced at same location, at the same time (i.e. two furnaces serviced in the same house on the same day)).

Plan A: Gas Furnace

  1. Clean burners.
  2. Check all pressure switch tubes and connections.
  3. Clean flame rod.
  4. Check drains.
  5. Test flame light off and flame proving.
  6. Test all safeties.
  7. Check blower and components.
  8. Clean/replace filter (standard 1” filter included in price, specialized sizes to be billed separately.)
  9. Test thermostat operation/replace batteries if needed.

Plan A: $Call For Pricing

Plan B: Air Conditioning

  1. Clean and inspect coils.
  2. Check all electrical connections and components.
  3. Check indoor and outdoor fan motors and components.
  4. Clear out drain, test condensate pump/drain.
  5. Clean/replace filter (standard 1"; filter included in price, specialized sizes to be billed separately.)
  6. Test thermostat operation/batteries, system pressures, and temperatures.

Plan B: $Call For Pricing

Plan C: Standard Heat Pump

  1. Follow all steps from Plan B.
  2. Check defrost cycle and reversing valve.
  3. Test auxiliary heat source.
  4. Check emergency heat mode.

Plan C: $Call For Pricing

Plan D: Mini Split

  1. Clean/inspect coils.
  2. Clean filters.
  3. Inspect blower wheels (clean as needed.)
  4. Check all thermistors.
  5. Check PCB heat sync.
  6. Check EEV solenoids.
  7. Check outdoor fan motor(s).
  8. Test all system modes of operation.

Plan D: $Call For Pricing