Air Conditioning

When it comes to keeping your home cool.

All Seasons Heating & Cooling Experts Are Here To Serve

It is our belief that each home is with its own cooling requirements and one size cannot fit all homes. After taking proper measurements of your home through our load calculation, we will work together with you to come up with the right cooling system match for your home. There are different options such as central air conditioner, ductless system, dual purpose system like a heat pump and much more. The choice for your home is based on your location, lifestyle as well as your budget. All the factors are put into consideration to help you weigh the benefits of both long- and short-term cost to come up with a right recommendation.

Getting the Job Done

After a successful right choice of cooling system for your home, our technicians get the work up and running immediately. All Seasons HVAC focuses on getting the job done at once and it is our culture to do that in an impressive and technical ways. We will make your new home conducive and comfortable with your new cooling system following simple manufacturer’s specification for installation such as sealing of attic, duct insulation, and installation of the air conditioner. In the end, you are guaranteed of long-term high efficiency and effective working performance with little maintenance.

Ductless Split Air Conditioning system

Central air conditioning system are an excellent cooling option but not the best match for every home due to home design, load requirement, and many other factors. A lot of houses are old and not equipped with effective central air ductwork. For example, you cannot find a duct system in a home with boilers in the place of furnaces. Also, if you have the plan of adding new rooms to your home in the future, an extension of duct system may be a budget buster.

It is good to know that there is another cooling option that doesn’t involve ductwork in any form. This available cooling system offers the same efficiency and cooling comfort a central air conditioner will deliver. This cooling system option is called ductless split system. It is also available in dual-purpose heat pump designs. At an affordable cost, All Seasons HVAC will install a ductless split system to take care of your entire cooling and heating requirement all through the year.

Maintenance Plans That We Offer:

Maintenance agreement pricing below, We offer multi-system discounts* as well as group condo rates! Call us today for more information!

Plan B: Air Conditioning

  1. Clean and inspect coils.
  2. Check all electrical connections and components.
  3. Check indoor and outdoor fan motors and components.
  4. Clear out drain, test condensate pump/drain.
  5. Clean/replace filter (standard 1"; filter included in price, specialized sizes to be billed separately.)
  6. Test thermostat operation/batteries, system pressures, and temperatures.

Plan B: $Call For Pricing

Plan C: Standard Heat Pump

  1. Follow all steps from Plan B.
  2. Check defrost cycle and reversing valve.
  3. Test auxiliary heat source.
  4. Check emergency heat mode.

Plan C: $Call For Pricing

Plan D: Mini Split

  1. Clean/inspect coils.
  2. Clean filters.
  3. Inspect blower wheels (clean as needed.)
  4. Check all thermistors.
  5. Check PCB heat sync.
  6. Check EEV solenoids.
  7. Check outdoor fan motor(s).
  8. Test all system modes of operation.

Plan D: $Call For Pricing